Injection for trigger finger

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A 42-year-old woman had a two-month history of trigger finger. A snap is audible and a jerking movement of the finger is observed when the patient flexes and extends her finger. The movement of the swollen part of the tendon in the palm is felt by palpation. The injection location is marked and the skin is cleansed. A thin needle is inserted perpendicular towards the tendon and the patient is asked to flex her finger until the tip of the needle touches the surface of the tendon, making the syringe tilt forward during finger flexion. At this point, the needle is retracted about 1 mm, and the finger is flexed again to ascertain that the tip of the needle is not in the tendon any more. 1 ml of methylprednisolone and bupivacaine is injected into the tendon sheath «Corticosteroid and lidocaine injections in combination may be more effective than lidocaine alone for the treatment of trigger finger.»C. The injection site is covered with an self-adhesive sterile dressing, and it should not be allowed to get wet on the injection day.

Notice that the ring should be taken off, hands should be thoroughly washed and hand sanitizer used before the procedure is performed.

Image 1. Injection for trigger finger